Junoon e Ishq Review: A Dead Flop Which Lasted Only for Three Days

Junoon e Ishq Review: A Dead Flop Which Lasted Only for Three Days

Review by: Rizwanaa Shaikh

Junoon e Ishq, directed by Naseem Haider Shah, was released on 12th April, 2019. When the promo and trailer came out, people started giving their opinion that it was a below average film. However, it proved to be lesser than this. Unluckily, it lasted on the box office and cinema screens for three days only, that too with empty cinema halls. Even some of the multiplexes stopped the shows as the strength of the viewers was even less than six. Without any promotional event and proper publicity like in shopping malls, it had low expectations. However, the film held a music launch event.

Before the release, the director was pretty sure that his film would be a success at box office and bring the cine-goers to cinemas. But it proved to be a total flop.

Talking about the film, it has an average story. Gulbaz (Amir Qureshi) is a psycho who is in love with the beautiful and arrogant female lead, Sahiba (Mahi Khan) and wants to marry her. But both Sahiba and her father (Shahid) reject the proposal. He is so mad in love that kills a man on the road who dares to harass Sahiba with his fellows. As a result, he is sentenced to a seven-year prison by the court.

Sahiba goes for an outing trip to mountains with her female friends. There she encounters Raja (Adnan Khan). They both have a light argument. Sahiba is a rash driver and hits a man on the road. By chance, Raja also passes by and on seeing Sahiba hitting a poor man, he starts slapping and beating her on the road. As a revenge of this, Sahiba kills the sister-in-law (bhabi) of Raja by crushing her under the car. Then she too is sentenced for seven-year prison for killing an innocent woman willfully. The Supreme Court also retains the judgment. However, Raja forgives her on the condition that she has to live with him and take care of his minor nephew as a mother as Sahiba had killed the mother of him in revenge. During this time, Sahiba and Raja come close and fall in love with each other. After seven years, father of Sahiba forcefully takes her back to home while she wants to stay with Raja. Father forces Sahiba to marry another man to bring her back to life.

During that time, Gulbaz also comes out of jail after completing the seven-year prison. The forced marriage of Sahiba and release of Gulbaz brings the story to a tense and violent but happy ending.

Why the film proved to be a flop? It is because the script, story, dialogues, acting, direction, music, singing, comedy, choreography – all the fields were weak. Dances were a show of physical anatomy with the special highlight on the feminine body parts. Music was also below par though it was composed by the seasoned music director, M. Arshad, who has a large number of hit films from the 90s era on his credit. Even the voice of Rahat Faheh Ali Khan couldn’t grab the music lovers’ attention. Some of the points were senseless and questionable in the story. Wajid Zuberi is an experienced film writer but this time his script was pretty feeble.

With the release of Junoon e Ishq, the exhibitors and cinema owners were hopeful to have an increase in footfall which is very low these days due to the ban on Indian content. Unfortunately, those hopes were not fulfilled and most of the cinemas have removed Junoon e Ishq just after the weekend of its release.


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    Khalish 3 years ago

    Overall Good analysis.
    Attitude of film producer towards marketing and promotion seems to be very poor. In this regard, partnership with some renowned brands could be helpful for the success of this film.

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